Jerusalem SDA Church – Back to School

Jerusalem SDA Church-Back to School Graphic Design Overview Jerusalem SDA Church is a Haitian 7th Day Adventist church located in Miami, Florida. Jerusalem church has been has aided the community for years with the annual Back to School school supplies giveaway. for their 3rd annual event they wanted to go bigger and better. They provided […]

Philadelpie SDA Church

Philadelphie SDA Church Miami Graphic Design Overview Philadelphie SDA Church is a Haitian 7th Day Adventist church located in Miami, Florida. This church has been part of the community for years and as time goes by so does how they reach their audience. So the church has reached out to me because they were looking […]

Go Vacay VIP

Go Vacay VIP Web & Graphic Design Overview GO Vacay VIP is a travel agency that seeks to provide affordable condo stays for any budget at 100’s of location in the U.S and beyond. Challenge The clients requested an ecommerce website that would be appealing to online customers and drive sells. This site would display […]

North Miami Beach Commissioner McKenzie Fluerimond

Vote4McKennzie Web Design, Graphic Design Overview In 2020 I had the opportunity to do my first political campaign for Commissioner McKenzie Fleurimond. His goal was to have this project designed to reach his target market for his re-election campaign. Challenge Create a website on a new platform, Webflow. Design numerous print graphics which include door […]

Balancing Life

Balancing Life Web Design Overview Balancing Life Now nonprofit established to connect and empower success through academic, spiritual, emotional and financial balance. We coach others on how to balance their lives through our four pillars and gain sustainable success. Challenge Create a website the showcases the brand and all it had to offer. Include link […]

Smilise Strap-N-Go

Similise Strap-N-Go Web Design Overview Similise a small business that was that created a innovative product for the shoe loving everyday woman. Challenge They client was not sure as to what she wanted for a website or how she wanted to portray her products. She poor quality photos of the product and no much variations […]

ReadyAnt Studios

ReadyAnt Studios Web Design Overview Founded in Miami, ReadyAnt Studios is an up and coming design agency that deals with anything from web development, video production, and app development and much more. They are dedicated and committed to excellence, with a focus on representing their customers, reliability, and service. As the lead web designer at […]

Zamar Rally Poster

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